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French Door

Stunning and stylish ultra-high capacity refrigerators saves you trips to the market. Modern designs feature 3-Door or 4-Door options.

Samsung French Door Refrigerators

Food Showcase

The Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator is designed to improve the way you store food through an innovative 2-Door system.

Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerators

Bottom Mount Freezer

The Samsung BMF Refrigerator offers ultimate storage capacity and superior cooling performance.

Samsung Bottom Mount Freezer

Top Mount Freezer

It's quick and easy to store and find all of your weekly grocery shopping

Samsung Top Mount Freezer

Triple Cooling

Revolutionary cooling

The Triple Cooling System independently controls and optimizes the temperature, maximizes humidity and prevents odors mixing in 3 compartment.

Triple Cooling Technology

Flexible Storage

Fridge-in Freezer

The Fridge-in Freezer is a versatile bottom right door that can switch between a fridge or a freezer - it allows you to customize temperature settings.

Fridge-in Freezer