Galaxy J3: Pair Bluetooth Devices

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Galaxy J3 - Pair & Unpair Bluetooth Devices

Search for and pair nearby Bluetooth devices. Saved Bluetooth devices can be connected simply.


Pair Bluetooth Devices

To pair Bluetooth devices:

1. From home, tap Apps m1  > Settings tool  > Bluetooth bluetooth 








The Bluetooth settings open.

Nearby devices that are visible or discoverable appear in the Available devices list.

If a target device is not detected, tap Scan to search again.


2. Tap a device from the Available devices list, and follow the prompts to pair with the device. Methods to accept a Bluetooth connection differ depending on the device used.






The Bluetooth device is paired to your phone.


Unpairing from a Paired Device


1. From the Bluetooth settings menu, tap Settings SW   next to the paired device you wish to unpair.







2. Tap Unpair.


The device is unpaired from your phone. To make another connection with the device, you will need to pair again.






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