How Do I print images or documents directly from my Samsung Galaxy Tab?A?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020


Print images and documents to Samsung printers and other compatible printers (not included). The print function, available as a menu option within some applications, lets you print directly from your device to a printer on the same Wi-Fi® network.

Note: Some printers may not be supported.

Turn On Printing Services

1. From a Home screen, touch Apps 1 > Settings 1 .

2. Touch More connection settings 1 > Printing.


3. Touch a print service and follow the prompts.


Note: Touch Download plug-in to install additional print service drivers.


Print Directly From Your Device

1. From a compatible app such as the Chrome, select an image and touch More Options 1 > PRINT.


2. The default is set to Save as PDF, change it to the available printer on the device then touch the printing icon.



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