My Galaxy Watch Active2 does not turn on. What’s the problem?

Last Update date : Oct 05. 2020

1 If the battery is completely low, the Watch Active2 cannot be turned on immediately when the charger is connected.

Allow a depleted battery to charge for a few minutes before turning on the Watch Active2. Use the charger to charge the battery before using it for the first time.

Use only Samsung-approved chargers, batteries, and cables.

Unapproved chargers or cables can cause the battery to explode or damage the Watch Active2.

And, Before charging the battery, ensure that the charging terminals of the Watch and the wireless charger dock are free of foreign material, such as sweat, liquid, or dust. Clean the charging terminals with a soft dry cloth.

If device is not turned on after charging for a enough periods, please contact to Samsung Service Centre with a device.

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