Presentation of FreeSync for your Samsung Smart TV

Last Update date : Jan 05. 2022
Samsung TV - Presentation of FreeSync

Gamers only want the best. That is why you have a Samsung TV, right? Beginning in 2018, many of our top TVs support FreeSync. In case you are not familiar, FreeSync provides clean, smooth animation and eliminates stutter and screen tearing. Put an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames. Your eyes will thank you.

Note: The provided information refers to Samsung Smart TVs sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for devices sold in other countries.

What is FreeSync?

Most TVs and monitors have a set refresh rate. This means no matter what signal is received, it will always display the same number of frames per second (FPS). This is not an issue when watching TV shows or movies, but video games generate their frames in real time and create a varying number of frames per second. If the FPS does not match the fixed refresh rate of the display, you will experience stuttering or tearing.

"Stuttering" is when some frames are displayed more than once, and "tearing" is when the screen starts displaying the next frame before the previous one finishes, so you end up seeing half of one frame and half of the other.

What is FreeSync?

FreeSync VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) fixes all of this. As each frame is generated, it is sent instantly and completely to the display. The display will only show another frame when it is completely ready. The result? An improved gaming experience with the smoothest animations that are completely stutter and tear-free.

FreeSync compatible models

FreeSync does not have its own separate option in the menu. To use FreeSync, turn on Game Mode. This is turned on automatically when the selected source is identified as a game console, like Xbox One X or Xbox One S, but must be turned on manually if the selected source is identified as PC. Also, FreeSync will only function if it is supported by the connected device.

Check out the following list to see if your TV is compatible.

  • 2021 TVs: All QLED models.

  • 2020 TVs: All sizes of the Q950T, Q900T, Q800T, Q90T, and Q70T QLED models, as well as Q80T QLED TVs (55 inches and larger), The Serif (55 inches), and The Frame (55 inches and larger).

  • 2019 TVs: All QLED models (50 inches and larger) and RU8000 UHD TVs (50 inches and larger).

  • 2018 TVs: All QLED models (except the 49 inches Q6FN), NU8500 UHD TVs, and NU8000 UHD TVs (except the 49 inches model).

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