If your Galaxy device requires repair, enjoy convenient repair service with free device pick-up at your home
and complimentary device sanitization*. Book a repair online, Contact us at 1-800-SAMSUNG, or Chat with us or text WECARE (932273) to arrange pick-up.

This service is available for both In & Out-of-Warranty customers.

For Out-of-warranty manufacturer suggested retail pricing, click here.* Please note Door to Door pick up and drop service is available for Samsung Galaxy phones, tablets, wearables, Samsung TVs, and Samsung microwaves. Repair time is based on part availability and product warranty. #Remote service is available for Samsung Galaxy Devices, Samsung TVs and Samsung Family Hub Refrigerators.~Samsung cannot guarantee as to the efficacy of the sanitization. Results may vary and may not kill all bacteria, germs and viruses. UV-C sanitizers are third-party devices and effectiveness of these sanitizers may vary depending on market and model.

Convenient Pick Up & Delivery
Contact us and arrange safe and
convenient device pick-up at your home.

Speedy Repair
Approx. 3 day repair turnaround*

Sanitization & Contactless Delivery
Complimentary sanitization using UV-C light for mobile devices.

Customer reviews

"Samsung took the phone quickly, fixed and returned the phone quickly".

"I experienced the best customer service I have ever received. This started with the phone call to put in my request for service, the quality repair, the no charge for the repair and shipping, and the super quick turn around time to get my phone back to me. I have been a Samsung user for many years and with this great customer service I will continue purchasing his wonderful brand. Keep up the great job".

"The Samsung rep was very helpful, had good communication and helped to identify the issue with my product. When I received my ear buds back, they were packaged securely, were sparkling clean, charged 100% and worked perfectly. Thank you so much! I was really impressed with Samsung's ability to help me with my issue and the speediness of the resolution. Thank you so much"!


  • Which cities are applicable for direct pickup service?

    We provide Door to Door Repair Service across Canada.
  • Samsung offers free pick-up and return shipping included as part of our service. For repairs that are Out-of-Warranty, our Authorized Service Centre will contact you with a repair quote. and you will pay the service centre directly. An inspection fee may apply for any refused repair quotations.
  • Samsung is proud to work with FedEx as our approved pick-up and delivery partner. Samsung will also handle all shipping costs related to this service.
  • Contact us to request a free in-warranty or out-of-warranty repair request pick-up and we will send you a courier waybill. Once you receive the courier waybill, package your device and call the courier to request pick-up or drop off your package at a courier drop off location. You will receive a FedEx shipping waybill from our agents via email. Once you have received your waybill, please schedule a convenient pick-up time for your device at your home by calling FedEx at 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339).
  • Samsung is proud to provide device sanitization as part of your service, providing you with peace of mind knowing your repaired product has been cleaned before being returned to you. The Galaxy Sanitizing Service will sanitize your Galaxy phone with UV-C light, which cleans your device without using harsh chemicals. Samsung has carefully tested the sanitization devices they use to ensure that the UV-C light does not affect your phone’s performance. The UV-C sanitizers can fit Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Watch. *Samsung cannot guarantee as to the efficacy of the sanitization. Results may vary and may not kill all bacteria, germs and viruses. UV-C sanitizers are third-party devices and effectiveness of these sanitizers may vary depending on market and model
  • Your device will be repaired and returned to you within approximately three to five (5) business days of being received at our Authorized Service Centre.
  • Samsung and/or the Authorized Service Centre will not back up your data and we are not responsible for any loss of data on your device when you send it to us for service. Please ensure that you back up all of your data prior to sending the device for repair, otherwise your data will be deleted. In addition, you must remove and keep any SD and SIM cards before sending a device to the Authorized Service Centre. To back-up your data, you can follow steps provided here: https://www.samsung.com/ca/support/Backup-and-Restore-Data-for-Galaxy/

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