Galaxy S10+ | Note10+

Galaxy S10 plus and Galaxy Note10 plus with blue S Pen leaning against Galaxy Note10 plus. Both phones have a gradient wallpaper onscreen.

Note10 | Note10+

Galaxy Note10 laying on top of Galaxy Note10 plus, both laying on their back at an angle with a blue Intelligent S Pen laying on top of Galaxy Note10. Each phone has a gradient graphic onscreen and other side of the phones is the text Galaxy Note10 | Note10 plus.

Seamlessly Connect your Galaxy

Galaxy S10 Ecosystem Introduction image. Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Buds. Galaxy S10 plus has the Spotify interface onscreen, playing a song from the “Your Discover Weekly” playlist. Galaxy Watch Active has the Spotify watch app interface onscreen, displaying the same song.

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After a decade of pioneering mobile firsts, the Galaxy family of products is bringing you cutting-edge technology yet again. Enjoy a smarter, better and faster way to live.


  • Galaxy Store Learn More
    Various app icons are popping out of the white gift box.
    Galaxy Store logo
    Galaxy Store

    Explore your Galaxy

    Get essential and exclusive apps and content from Galaxy Store on your device.

  • Bixby Learn More
    A woman sits on a sofa, and she says to her smartphone, "Hi Bixby."
    Bixby logo

    Do more with Bixby

    Bixby frees you to focus on what matters most so you can get more done.

  • Samsung Pay Learn More
    A man is placing his smartphone against the card reader for payment.
    Samsung Pay logo
    Samsung Pay

    More than a wallet

    Don't be without the cards you need. Samsung Pay makes everyday purchases fast, convenient and more secure.

  • Samsung Health LEARN MORE
    A woman is checking the Galaxy Watch while exercising on the street.
    Samsung Health logo
    Samsung Health

    Your health in your hands

    Helps you manage your fitness and wellness by tracking your activity, nutrition, sleep patterns and more.

  • SmartThings Learn More
    Various icons such as TV, washer/dryer, air conditioner, refrigerator, doorbell, light bulb, robot vacuum, speaker, which are available with the SmartThings app. A living room image with a refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner which are compatible with SmartThings app is shown in the background.
    SmartThings logo

    More smart devices, one smart app

    Control your Smart devices with a single, easy-to-use app whether you're at home or on the go.

  • Samsung Members Learn More
    Four people sitting around a café table and talking to each other while looking at one smartphone.
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    Samsung Members

    Possibility starts here

    Get insider know-how, the right solutions from the people who know, more of the things you love, and the power to help create the future.

  • Samsung Kids Learn More
    Illustrated cartoon charaters in front of a galaxy phone showing supported Samsung Kids applications on-screen.
    Samsung Kids logo
    Samsung Kids

    A kids' first steps into the digital world

    A safe environment with family-friendly activities to both entertain and encourage children to learn, develop and flourish.

  • Smart Switch Learn More
    Two devices are connected with a USB cable and data transfer has been completed from old phone to new Galaxy phone via Smart Switch.
    Smart Switch logo
    Smart Switch

    Switch to Galaxy, keep your memories

    Easily transfer important data from your old phone to your new Galaxy.

  • Galaxy Themes Learn More
    The various themes available in Galaxy Themes.
    Galaxy Themes logo
    Galaxy Themes

    Style Up Your Screens

    Customize your phone to make it yours. From video wallpapers to fun icons, Galaxy Themes gives your phone personality.

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Silhouette of a Galaxy phone with a night sky image onscreen and a graphic that says 24/7 surrounded by a circular arrow pointing clockwise.