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Introducing #HeartAttack a short feature filmed #withGalaxy S20 Series. A story about turning back time to save the one you love. Directed by #LeeChungHyun, produced by Yong Film, and starring #LeeSungKyung.Coming to YouTube on November 1st.
Even in shadows thrown by the light, you can find something beautiful. Share what brightens your day #withGalaxy.📷: @frame.of_reference #GalaxyS8
Cover the distance with a ride of introspection. Head into a new dawn with a brighter outlook. Document the world around you.  Share it #withGalaxy. 📷: @egonslacis #GalaxyS20
Not every family portrait is perfect. But in a way, all of them are.Just a little reminder to document your family moments #withGalaxy.📷: @fadilfadiru #GalaxyA7
You only have to look at children to know that you can’t stop creativity.Keep the child in you alive, keep shooting and creating #withGalaxy 📷: @tandur_ri #GalaxyA6
Step into a moment of calm, and be immersed in the sounds of serenity as you relax your mind this #WorldMentalHealthDay. Share what helps you unwind #withGalaxy. Tag us in your photos and videos.📷: @mblockk
#WorldMentalHealthDay is fast approaching. Remember to take some time to reflect on your state of calm. What do you see when you think of serenity?Share your peace of mind #withGalaxy. Tag us in your photos and videos.📷: @mahealani63, @davidmrlian
As we count the days to #WorldMentalHealthDay, what comes to mind when you think of stress and anxiety? How do you cope? Share a photo or video of what puts your mind at ease #withGalaxy.📷: @oad.ari
Everything - little and big - is worth celebrating with a smile. Thank you for sharing your Smile Stories with us this #WorldSmileDay and don’t stop shooting smiles our way #withGalaxy. Tell us what makes you smile in the comments below.📷: @estefi_varela, @sotos_ioann, @maneemejai
It’s hard not to smile at a smile. As #WorldSmileDay approaches, let your optimism shine through and you’ll see everyone smiling back at you.Share photos or videos of your Smile Stories #withGalaxy and find out more @samsung 📷: @photoluis_it,  @andreealaura28, @pplostinrainbowworld
It’s in our nature to want to be in nature. Agree? Document where you feel most at home #withGalaxy📷: @der.marki #GalaxyS8
Revisit the beauty of nature. Capture it for the world and share it #withGalaxy. 📷: @wanderwithcarl #GalaxyNote10
Moments will always pass you by. But some will never escape you.Capture them all #withGalaxy.📷: @lanka_beauty_sri
Train your eyes on the future. Share what you see. Tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured. 📷: @lalisa_doniho #GalaxyA8
Here’s hoping this will be the dash of color that brightens up your day. Add your own inspiration to the world #withGalaxy📷: @malaysianflavours #GalaxyS20Ultra
Whatever life throws your way, keep moving forward. Keep shooting and sharing #withGalaxy. 📷: @voodoolx #GalaxyS10plus
Near, far or somewhere in between, let’s always find ways to connect. Share yours #withGalaxy.📷: @gamalhdiab #GalaxyS10e
Let’s remind ourselves that distance can be beautiful. Show the world that beauty #withGalaxy.📷: @i_s_ky #GalaxyS9plus
What keeps us apart will keep us together. What does your new normal look like? Capture it and tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured. 📷: @taopitak #GalaxyS20
Our everyday has changed.  How has yours?Show it through your eyes. Tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured. 📷: @traveller.aby #GalaxyJ8
Keep capturing what you love and keep sharing your view of the world #withGalaxy. Tell us what you think of our live #worldphotographyday challenges in the comments below. 📷: @random_cyclist @alex_shults @genstreetstyle @juggernaut1 @tianchad @nahdiomar @ishotonsamsung  @tere.abumohor
You’ve flaunted your outfits.You’ve gone all out silly. All for #worldphotographyday.So why stop now? Tag @samsungwithgalaxy and show us how you get creative with your photos and videos for a chance to be featured!#withGalaxy📷: @libarbalilti @kickiyangz @tylerjoe @giameta
Dramatic shadow play? Done. Captivating selfies? Check. Now there are only two challenges left before #worldphotographyday is over. Follow our IG story and join our ongoing photo challenges for a chance to be featured.—How to participate: For each challenge, upload a photo on your IG story or feed, and tag @samsungwithgalaxy #withGalaxy📷: @kickiyangz @libarbalilti @wagnus #GalaxyS20 #GalaxyNote20
This year, we’re celebrating #worldphotographyday with a full day of live challenges. That’s 4 fun photo challenges that will be revealed on Aug 19! —How to participate:For each challenge, upload a photo on your IG story or feed, and tag #withGalaxy @samsungwithgalaxy Join us for a chance to be featured. 📷: @knottfdg @dopvedant @mint.stories @al1m.jpg
It takes looking back to see how far you’ve come. Reflect on it #withGalaxy. 📷: @maphornjama #GalaxyS20