Professional Cleanness


Samsung Dishwashers

Spotless cleaning

AquaBlast™ Technology

Wash off stubborn leftover food and sticky residue without pre-rinsing. AquaBlast™ jets provide corner to corner coverage for superb cleaning.

Spotless cleaning

Zone Booster

Target hard-to-clean pots and pans with intensive washing at the touch of a button. Select the option to wash the left zone of the bottom rack with higher water pressure and heat.

Samsung Zone Booster

Express 60

Cleans dishes in just 60 minutes. This cycle is ideal for lighter loads of cups, cutlery, bowls and plates.

Samsung Express 60 cycle

The strong silent type

Rotary type

Energy efficient and powerful, the rotary line delivers an exceptionally quiet performance.

Samsung Rotary dishwashers

Energy Star®

Winner of the 2018 Energy Star® Manufacturer of the Year Appliances Award

Energy Star<sup>®</sup>