Cooking With Little Chefs

How to create meaningful kitchen moments with your children

Bonding with little ones while preparing meals together is great but sometimes things can get rather messy. So here are a few ways to help you keep your kitchen under control – at all times.

Aprons come in handy

A pint-size apron does more than just protect your kids’ clothes from splashes and spills. It makes them look and feel like a master chef.

The chopstick solution

Chopsticks aren’t just fun to use. They can also be a helpful tool which prevents your kids from stirring up that batter with a spoon. That way nothing gets out of hand and you never end up wiping an awful mess off the ceiling.

Practicing basic hygiene

Involving kids in cooking is a great way to develop good hygiene habits at an early age. Before handling food, get your kids to wash their hands for 20 seconds - singing a song makes the time goes faster. Once you finish cooking together, remember to teach them the importance of loading up the dishwasher and hygienically rinsing all cooking utensils – so everything comes out sparkling clean.

Remove dirt and worries

Keep your kitchenware clean and safe.

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