100% Connected.
Truly Seamless.

"The Internet of things has the potential to transform our society, economy, and how we live our lives. It is our job to pull together - as an industry, and across different sectors - to make true on the promise of the Internet of Things." -Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman, BK Yoon, 2015

Our mission to make all our devices IoT ready by 2020 is well underway. By 2018, we aim to connect approximately 200 million Samsung devices. Now we are busy at work to create an ecosystem in which all these devices can interact smoothly.

One cloud.

The foundation of this connected ecosystem is a unified, powerful cloud that will be accessible through a single SmartThings app. Our SmartThings cloud is an open platform that can be compatible with your mobile devices, home appliances, TVs and sensors for one seamless experience.

one-cloud-img one-cloud-img

Intelligent assistance. Wherever. Whenever.

At the heart of it all is Bixby 2.0 - the intelligent assistant that connects you effortlessly to your compatible Samsung devices, inside and outside of the home. Bixby 2.0 is the central hub of your IoT ecosystem that is designed to evolve to understand you better and anticipate your needs.

*Requires Samsung Account and data network connection. Features and compatible devices may vary by country.

intelligent-assistance intelligent-assistance

Everyday life simplified.

Enjoy the freedom to send instant updates to your friends, play music from room to room, and complete tasks quickly with the smarter, virtual assistant Bixby. Bring convenience to your everyday life with Samsung's ecosystem.

  • * Availability of features demonstrated in the following scenarios may vary depending on product line-up and launch schedule by country.
  • Some features require connection with cloud or other devices, via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or carrier network. Fees may apply due to mobile data usage.
    Service availability may vary by user environment.

Share moments instantly

Transform the way you keep connected to loved ones, even from far away. With Samsung devices, you are free to share moments anytime and anywhere.

  • The man taking a video of a deer and the landscape on his phone. The man taking a video of a deer and the landscape on his phone.
    The man taking a video outdoors on his phone, sending it to the cloud, and sharing it with a family member through the TV at her home.
    Wow! Juliet would
    love to see this.
  • A notification appearing on the TV telling the woman that a video is being shared from the cloud.
    Woman watching TV in the living room. A notification pops up saying that the man’s video is being shared to the TV from the cloud and the woman presses “YES” with the remote control.
    John sent you a video.
    Would you like to see it
    on the TV?
  • The woman watching TV in her living room.
    The man’s video is displayed on the TV and the woman likes it. She calls up Bixby to send a reply to the man saying, “Great shot! Love the deer.”
    Oh wow,
    that deer is so pretty.
    Bixby! Send John
    a message that says,
    “Great shot! Love the deer”
    I’ll send that now.

Keep the music playing

Switch music between devices seamlessly with Samsung's connected ecosystem. From headphones to speakers, play continuous music all day, wherever you go.

  • The woman listening to music on her phone as she goes into her house. The woman listening to music on her phone as she goes into her house.
    Woman using Bixby to continue listening to music that she was playing outside of the house on her TV or speakers when she arrives home.
    Would you like to continue
    listening from the TV?
  • The TV in the living room is on and the woman is standing.
    The woman asks Bixby to being playing the song on the speaker in her bedroom, and the song begins playing as Bixby connects it.
    Bixby! Play this song on
    the speaker.

Live Smarter

Make smarter choices with Bixby by your side. The intelligent assistant is ready to help you anytime, anywhere and smart enough to understand when you speak naturally.

  • The man sitting on a sofa in his living room, talking to his girlfriend while watching TV. The man sitting on a sofa in his living room, talking to his girlfriend while watching TV.
    Man using Bixby to pull up the inside of his refrigerator on the TV to check its contents, then moving into the kitchen and asking Bixby to recommend recipes.
    Juliet I’m so hungry.
    What’s for dinner?
    Let me see what we have. Bixby! Show me
    what’s in the fridge.
    I'll cook salmon!
  • The man looking at the refrigerator monitor which is displaying a salmon recipe Bixby recommended.
    The man asks Bixby to pull up salmon recipes and display them on the refrigerator’s monitor. With the recipes, the man decides to cook the salmon dish for his girlfriend.
    Bixby! Show me
    some salmon recipes.
    Time to start cooking.
  • * Device interaction sequences have been shortened in the video. Screen images simulated.
    The features will be available from the 2018 new flagship line-up products. List of available products and countries will be announced separately.
  • The TV's continuous music playing function can be enabled when the TV is in the selected mode.