Beware of Fraudulent Messages: Samsung reminds all consumers to stay vigilant against fraudulent messages impersonating Samsung, to prevent being defrauded of money and personal information.
Beware of Fraudulent Messages: Samsung reminds all consumers to stay vigilant against fraudulent messages impersonating Samsung, to prevent being defrauded of money and personal information.

Beware of Fraudulent Messages: Samsung reminds all consumers to stay vigilant against fraudulent messages impersonating Samsung, to prevent being defrauded of money and personal information.

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Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2020 Calls for Entries from Primary and Secondary School Students to Create a Greener Future with a Creative and Smart Use of Technology

Oct 08. 2020

With the theme ‘Imagination that creates a greener future’, Hong Kong students are encouraged to
combine their creativity with STREAM knowledge to develop solutions that will drive the development
of sustainability issues in the city

HONG KONG (October 6, 2020) – The world’s leading technology company, Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd, announces the official launch of its annual ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ competition today. Following the success of last year’s competition in attracting the largest number of participants on record to develop creative solution to alleviate students’ mental health issues, this year’s competition focuses on the trending social topic of sustainable development. With the theme ‘Imagination that creates a greener future’, the competition hopes to gather the creativity of primary and secondary school students, coupled with their STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) knowledge to develop innovative solutions to promote sustainable development in Hong Kong. In addition to raising students’ environmental awareness through the competition, Samsung also wants them to act as role models, and to start building a greener and more livable city by participating in this competition. 


“At Samsung, sustainability management is our commitment to making the world a more sustainable place to live. In recent years, we have been executing different initiatives to put forward our environmental protection plans including the launch of the ‘PlanetFirst’ campaign in 2010, which saw the replacement of plastic trays with bamboo materials and the turning of recyclable paper into print product manuals,” said Yiyin Zhao, Managing Director at Samsung Electronics Hong Kong. 


“With the threat from environmental problems in Hong Kong, such as an increase in disposal waste and worsening pollution problems, Samsung hopes to gather the strength of Hong Kong’s primary and secondary school students to promote the STEAM4CARE mindset and encourage the leaders of tomorrow to foster the adoption of a green lifestyle through the incorporation of new technology, such as 5G networks and the Internet of Things, to provide practical solutions to address sustainability- related city problems and make Hong Kong a smarter and greener city,” continued Zhao.


The need to promote sustainability in Hong Kong calls for our immediate attention


Hong Kong has been growing rapidly in recent years which will inevitably impose a burden on the city’s environmental development and energy use. In the face of diminishing landfill space, increasing city temperatures and the over-reliance on coal-intensive fueled electricity generation, the government has proactively implemented different strategies and measures. These include the establishment of the Council for Sustainable Development and publishing blueprints for the ‘Energy Saving Plan for Hong Kong's Built Environment’ and the ‘Hong Kong Climate Action Plan 2030+’ to guide sustainability development.


Besides the implementation of government policies, the adoption of a green lifestyle must be supported by the actions of local people. However, several recent report findings show that the environmental awareness of Hong Kong citizens is not as high as expected. Although more than 80% of Hongkongers believe that they are sufficiently environmentally aware, only around 40% of them would request to not have disposable cutlery with a takeaway[1]. Another report alarmingly points out that over 100 million takeaway plastics - including straws, cutlery, food containers and plastic bags - are consumed by Hong Kong citizens every week during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.[2]


Promoting sustainable development and pursuing a green lifestyle in Hong Kong has always been easier said than done. But if everyone is willing to take a small step forward to cultivate green habits in their daily lives, we can collectively take a big leap towards building a more sustainable city. Samsung believes that by organizing the Solve For Tomorrow competition, Hong Kong students, who are important stakeholders in the promotion of smart city development, can reflect on their own environmental awareness and become role models for the people around them. We look forward to stimulating students’ creativity and STREAM knowledge, and inspiring them to develop sustainable and creative solutions which will lead the next generation to take their first step in protecting Hong Kong’s precious environment.

solve for tomorrow solve for tomorrow
solve for tomorrow solve for tomorrow

More attractive awards are added to spark creativity and encourage participation from primary school students

Solve for Tomorrow 2020 is co-organized by Samsung, the World Green Organization, the Association of I.T. Leaders in Education, and Hong Kong Education City Limited. The competition is now open for entry and all primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong are welcome to participate as a team. The teams are encouraged to combine STREAM knowledge with their creativity to provide innovative solutions that will help solve the city’s sustainability problem. 


Two categories are open for application in this year’s competition for both the Primary and Secondary sectors. As previous teams from the primary sector have exceeded judges’ expectations by delivering innovative solutions and even creating concrete practical prototypes and apps, Samsung now offers four additional awards including championship winner, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and a Merit award to attract more inspirational submissions from primary school students. The secondary sector competition also offers the same awards, and a total of 20 winning teams will be produced from the competition with prizes worth more than HKD $270,000 being awarded to the winners. To provide students with more time to prepare for the competition, the deadline of registration will be postponed to 30 October 2020, and participating teams must submit their designs before 6:00pm on 20 November 2020. 


Samsung will also be hosting STREAM workshops to promote STREAM knowledge and offer a chance for participants to exchange their ideas with students from other schools. Consultation workshops will be launched as well for participants to consult professionals from the technology and green fields on their semi-finished products in order to develop more sophisticated and practical products at the time of submission. Both STREAM and consultation workshops will be hosted in October. Details will be announced shortly on the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2020 webpage. 


About Samsung Solve for Tomorrow


Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is an annual competition that brings together the creativity and passion for new technologies of young people around the world, to solve social problems in local communities. In 2013, Samsung introduced this meaningful event to Hong Kong and inspired tens of thousands of students to come up with innovative solutions that address social issues in Hong Kong. Samsung is promoting the new educational philosophy of “STREAM4CARE”. Besides encouraging Hong Kong students to increase their knowledge of STREAM – Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – Samsung hopes that they can develop empathy and sense of responsibility and apply their STREAM knowledge to contribute to the society. Through the competition, Samsung hopes to cultivate thought leaders of tomorrow, equipping them with both technological knowledge and the sense of responsibility of a global citizen.

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