How to delete Samsung Kids

Last Update date : May 25. 2022

The Samsung Kids app can be deleted from your device after being installed. Please follow the steps below to find out how to do it. 

View of the Samsung Kids logo and the “Uninstall” icon.

How to delete Samsung Kids

If you have already installed Samsung Kids, you can uninstall it. Even if you deleted the app, the basic installer for reinstalling the app will remain in the quick panel

1 Go to Settings and tap “Apps”.
2 Select “Samsung Kids”.
3 Tap the “Uninstall” button in the bottom of the screen.

How to hide the Samsung Kids button

You can also hide the Samsung Kids app button.

1 Drag down to open the quick panel.
2 Tap the more options icon and select “Edit buttons”.
3 Drag the “Kids” button to the top panel to hide it.

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