What is Samsung Smart Switch?

Last Update date : Jun 01. 2022

Making everyday life easier is one of Samsung's main tasks. This is why we’ve created Samsung Smart Switch, an application which allows you to connect different devices that are compatible with Samsung devices.

View of Samsung Smart Switch logo on a mobile screen.

Samsung Smart Switch is a service that helps you to make the transition to Galaxy devices more convenient. Supported devices include Galaxy, Android™, iPhone™ and Windows Mobile™ devices.

You can quickly and easily transfer data from your previous device to your Galaxy device. Also, Smart Switch allows you to backup or restore your data from Galaxy devices to PC or SD cards.

To learn which products are supported by Smart Switch, refer to this list:

  • Send option
    • Android™ / Galaxy and tablet products: Android™ OS 4.3 or higher.
    • iPhone™: iOS 5.0 or higher (iCloud™ supported device).
    • Windows Mobile™ Phone: Windows Mobile™ OS 10.
  • Receive option
    • All Samsung smartphones and tablets (other devices cannot be supported).

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