What kind of service is Samsung Free?

Last Update date : Aug 09. 2022

Samsung Free is a service providing various multimedia content including news, games, and free TV. Samsung Free is available on Galaxy devices with over Android™ 9. The service is composed of two tabs -  Read, and Play. In these tabs, you can: watch free TV, enjoy instant games and catch up on the latest news.

View of a tablet, monitor, and Samsung mobile phone with Samsung DeX sales analysis charts.

By swiping left on the Home screen or tapping on the preloaded app, users can access TV, news, podcasts, and instant games. It is quick, easy, free of charge, and requires no sign up. Enjoy various TV programs including movies and comedy, high-quality instant games provided by global game publishers, popular podcast episodes, and headline news. They are updated frequently and, with Samsung account sign in, you will see many personalised contents addressing your preference.

Please note: The availability of the 4 tabs depends on country, service provider, and device type.

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