A yellow exclamation appears after windows update

Last Update date : May 20. 2021

There is a yellow exclamation point on Thunderbolt devices in Device Manager after a Windows update and these devices do not work correctly.

This problem occurs because the Thunderbolt device driver has been reset by the operating system after a Windows update.
You can delete and then reinstall the Thunderbolt driver to resolve the problem.

You can solve this problem as follows:

1 Right-click the [Start] button on the taskbar, then find and open [Device Manager].
2 In Device Manager, click [System devices].
3 Find the [Thunderbolt(TM) controller] with the exclamation point and double-click it.
4 When the [Properties] window pops up, go to the [Driver] tab and click [Uninstall Device].
5 Check [Delete the driver software for this device], then click the [Uninstall] button.
6 After uninstalling, click the [Start] button on the taskbar, and then find and open [Samsung Update].
7 In the [Drivers] tab, find and install the [Thunderbolt driver].
8 Restart your system once the driver installation is complete.

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