Galaxy Tab Pro S: How do I Backup & Restore the System on Windows 10?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Backup using File History


You can back up your desired files/folders by adding drivers with File History.


1. Click the Start button on the Windows desktop and click Settings

2. Click Update & security




3. Click the Backup menu and proceed with backup by using File History




Restore the System


Method 1. Restoring the system


You can go back to a previous restore point in Windows 10.

However, you cannot use this method with some specifications, i.e. storage device capacity of less than 128 GB.


1. Click on the Control Panel, then System 


2. Click "System protection" and "System Restore"





Method 2. Resetting your PC


If a problem occurs with your PC, you can save your personal files or delete everything to reset your PC.


If you reset, various PC settings may be deleted as Windows is completely reinstalled.






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