[Windows 10 ver. 1803] Tips about improved features in My People on Samsung PC (Hong-Kong version)

Last Update date : Sep 25. 2020

Microsoft has released Windows 10 (version 1803).
If you are already using Windows 10, the update will roll out to you after 1 AM (Hong Kong Time) on May 9th, 2018.

Several new features in the People app were introduced during the update to Windows 10, ver. 1803.


1 Click the [Start] button on the taskbar and then click [Settings].
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2 Click [Personalization].
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3 Go to the [Taskbar] tab. In [People], change [Choose how many contacts to show].
※ The People app previously limited the number of contacts pinned to the taskbar to 3, but you can now pin up to 10.
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You can now drag and drop to change the order of contacts in [More pinned contacts].

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- The above product description is only applicable to the Windows 10 on Samsung computers (Hong-Kong version) in year 2018. The above product description was updated in July 2018 and for reference only.

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