How to rotate the displayed image on Samsung Monitor?

Last Update date : Apr 02. 2018

In most cases the ability to rotate the image on a monitor is controlled by your graphics card and the drivers provided with the graphics card. 


In Windows, to find out whether your card has the capability to rotate the displayed image, follow these steps:


Clear your monitor screen so that there are no programs displayed.


Right click on an empty portion of the screen. A menu appears.


Click Properties. The Display Properties dialog appears.


Click the Settings tab. The Settings tab appears.


Click the Advanced button. The Plug and Play Monitor dialog appears.


Click the tab with the name of your video card.


Click the Graphics Properties button. The Graphics Properties dialog appears. If you see a Rotation tab or button, you should be able to rotate the image.


Follow the directions on the Rotation tab or dialog to rotate the image.



The directions above are general directions and may not work for your system. Also, your system or video card may provide an easier or more direct method for rotating the screen image. Also, your video card drivers may not have the capability to rotate the image. In either case, you may want to consult the user manual for your graphics card for information or directions.


Some Samsung monitors are shipped with MagicRotation software. MagicRotation requires a video card and video card drivers capable of image rotation. It is compatible with Windows 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP Home Edition, XP Professional, Vista and Windows 7 

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