Abnormal noise is coming from the refrigerator

Last Update date : Jun 04. 2018

Reasons of noises are different based on each symptom:

Type 1: Bubbling Sound

The bubbling sound you hear is normal. It is caused by refrigerant gas moving through the pipes in your refrigerator as the refrigerator cools or freezes your food.

Type 2: Cracking and Popping Sound

This noise is normal. It occurs when the interior components contract or expand as the refrigerator is cooling or the interior temperature changes after the temperature has been reset.

Type 3: Buzzing Sound

The buzzing noise you hear is the sound of the refrigerator compressor running. The noise is normal. You will also hear a noise when the refrigerator compressor starts at the beginning of a cooling cycle and when it shuts off.

It can be also heard after getting water from the door dispenser. The noise should not last longer than 7 seconds.

Type 4: Snapping sound

This noise will be heard about 4 seconds after removing a glass from a dispenser. This is the sound of the dispenser chute closing. Hence, this is normal.

Type 5: Loud Banging Noise

This is normal. It can be heard when the ice maker dumps ice cubes into ice bucket.

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