How to use the washing machine to achieve best results for stained clothes?

Last Update date : Apr 23. 2018



We compiled a list of things to follow to receive best results using the washing machine.


Check the dirt, lint and soil on clothes : 



    •     If clothing is heavily soiled, add an extra rinse to the wash cycle. 

    •     Brush heavily-soiled clothes before washing.



Check the detergent quantity : 


    •     Use appropriate quantity of detergent to reduce suds that can re-deposit soil and lint on clothing.


Check Water Hardness :

    •     For excellent result, soft water is recommended.
    •      Avoid using excessive amount of fabric softener. 

    •      Do not use detergent, bleach or starch into the softener inlet.

    •      Do not leave the softener int the dispenser for a long time.


Check Grease spot on clothes : 
    •      After washing extremely dirty items, clean the washer completely.



Check the laundry: 
    •      Always remove wet clothes promply.


Check the tub cleaning : 
    •     Always clean your washer thoroughly. 



Check overloading : 
    •     Don't overload the washer.




Check Detergent Handling :

    •     Detergents must be put in the detergent box. 
    •     Putting detergent directly in the laundry may cause discoloration and unsatisfactory result.


Check for stains and partial dirt on clothes :




    •     For stained clothes, rub the stain using wet towel with a sprinkle of detergent.



Check for rust around the tub :

    •     Carefully inspect the washer for any rust, have it repaired immediately to avoid staining clothes.

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