Why there is no water or not enough water is entering the washing machine?

Last Update date : Apr 23. 2018



Please confirm if the water tap connected to the washing machine is open to full.

Confirm that there are no kinks or bents in the water hose connected to the machine.

Confirm if the water hose mesh filter is not blocked. You should clean the water hose mesh filter at least twice a year.

To clean the water hose mesh filter, follow these steps:
- Turn off the water source to the washing machine.

Unscrew the hose from the back of the washing machine. Refer to the first picture below.

- With a pair of pliers, gently pull out the mesh filter from the end of the hose and then rinse it under. Refer to the second picture below.

- Water until clean. Also clean the inside and outside of the threaded connector.




- Push the filter back into place.

- Screw the hose back onto the washing machine.

- Turn on the faucet and then make sure the connections are watertight.

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