Android OS 9.0 Pie FAQ (Hong-Kong version)

Last Update date : Sep 28. 2020

When I Enter Power Saving mode, Music Stops after a Short Time. Why?

Concept has been changed according to the Pie OS concept. If the music application is set to the app sleep mode or the app's background activity is restricted, it will stop after 1 minute after switching to the background. This concept applies equally to ‘Voice recorder’ and ‘FM radio’. There are 2 ways to remove the restriction of background activity.


Method 1
1 Launch [ Settings] app > [ Apps]
Android OS 9.0 Pie, android 9, android 9.0, android p, android os 9, android pie,
2 Select application what you want to remove restriction
android os 9, android 9, android 9.0, samsung galaxy s10, s10+, s10e, s10, android p
3 Tap [Battery]
android 9.0 Power Saving mode, android 9 Music app
4 Tap [Allow background activity]
android 9 app, android 9.0 power saving
5 Tap [Remove]
android 9 app, android 9 changes
music android 9 app, android 9.0,
Method 2
1 Launch Device care app and tap [Battery]
android 9 , device care, android 9.0
2 Tap [Settings]
android 9 settings, android 9.0, android 9 apps,
3 Tap [Sleeping apps]
android 9, android 9.0, android os 9, android p, android 9 applications,
4 Tap [ Remove]
android 9, android 9.0, android p, android os 9, android 9 music apps
5 Select app and tap [ Remove]
android 9, android 9.0, android p, android 9 apps, android 9 features
android 9 app, android 9.0, app restrictions
When I Set or Changed Screen Lock, Agreement Popup is Shown regarding Remote Unlock. Why?
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Agreement Popup

Google new security policy on P OS does not allow unlocking remotely via Find My Mobile without PIN, Pattern, or Password information registered by the user, this information should be securely stored by Samsung under your agreement.

By using “Remote unlock” in Find My Mobile feature, you can control your phone remotely in secure lock state or if you forget how to unlock screen. To use this function, you should agree to store your encrypted PIN, Pattern, or Password information in the Find My Mobile server. So we are displaying this information popup when you set or change screen lock type.

You can enable “Remote Unlock” feature in following path:

1 Settings
2 Biometrics and security
3 Find My Mobile
4 Remote unlock
When I use Samsung Pay after P OS upgrade, Secure Keypad is Not Loaded or app is Crashed. What should I do?

Samsung is aware of this symptom which may appear on some P OS devices. If you use the Samsung Pay without updating it, the keypad may not be loaded


samsung pay, android 9, android 9.0

Or app is crashed.

android 9, android 9.0, android p, samsung pay

This issue has already been resolved with an application update.

Please update Samsung Pay application from app’s own update menu

1 Tap [ Update]
update samsung pay, samsung pay update, android 9, android 9.0, android p
2 Tap [ Update]
samsung pay update, android 9, android 9.0, android p


Or update Samsung Pay application on Galaxy Store

1 Tap More [ ] icon
2 Tap [ My apps]
android 9, android p, android 9.0, samsung pay update
3 Tap [ Update]
samsung app, galaxy apps, update samsung pay, update galaxy apps, android 9, android 9.0, android p
samsung pay, update samsung pay, android 9, android 9.0, android p,


Please refer to the table below for the app version for Hong Kong.


Location App version Framework version
Hong Kong 3.7.19 or later 2.9.82 or later


Samsung encourages users to keep software and apps updated to latest version, please check and update regularly.


Samsung Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd. is not obligatory for charges, losses and/or changes due to application update and/or firmware update of Samsung devices, including but not limited to additional mobile data and/or charges, loss of application log/history and/or operational changes of Samsung devices after installing the update.

After P OS upgrade, I Cannot Record Video using Pro mode on Camera app. Why?

Based on new P OS concept, video recording is not supported on Pro, Panorama and Food modes.

Previous OS 

android 9, android 9.0, android p, pie os, camera android 9, galaxy s10, s10+, s10e, s10


Pie OS

android 9, android 9.0, android p, pie os, camera app pie os, android 9 camera food mode, android 9 Panorama, android 9.0 pro mode camera




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