Basic Operation of Galaxy Note10/10+

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020
Does Galaxy Note10/10+ support external microSD card?

Only Galaxy Note10+ devices support external microSD Card. Galaxy Note10 does not support a microSD slot to maximize battery capacity to secure usage time.



microSD cards sold separately.

Why does not Galaxy Note10/10+ support a 3.5pi earphone/headphone jack?

Galaxy Note10/10+ removed the 3.5pi earphone jack to pursue additional values.

By deleting the 3.5pi jack, devices achieve design perfection, allowing the slimmest Note device with 7.9 mm.

It also allows expanding battery capacity. For alternatives of the 3.5pi earphone jack, you can use the following earphones.

  · In-box : USB C-type AKG Earphones

  · Purchase separately : Galaxy Buds Wireless Earphone, USB C-type to 3.5pi adapter

As some USB Type-C earphones and USB Type-C adapters may not be compatible with your device and some features may not work properly, make sure that they are compatible with the device before you purchase.


Galaxy Buds, wireless earphones, wireless headphones

Galaxy Buds


USB Type-C, USB C-Type to 3.5pi adapter

USB C-type to 3.5pi adapter


 USB, USB Type-C to 3.5pi adaptor

USB C-type to 3.5pi adapter combined with 3.5pi earphone

Is it possible to use on-screen fingerprint when protective film is attached?

We recommend using Samsung-approved screen protective film. Samsung cannot guarantee compatibility with 3’rd party products because they may affect fingerprint performance, depending on the thickness and structure of protective film or screen protective items. Please note that on-screen fingerprint may not work if the thickness of the film is over 0.2mm.

Is it possible to use on-screen fingerprint under water?

No, it is not possible. The device is IP68-certified but fingerprint recognition is blocked when the device is under water.

Are there any improvements to Samsung Notes compared to Note9?
1 Samsung Notes' handwriting converting process becomes simple on Galaxy Note10/10+.
After writing down with S pen on Samsung Notes
① Touch the text you handwrote or
② Touch the converting icon on the menu, select the area you want to convert and touch the preview box.
2 You can write small letters by pinching and zooming the screen while you write by S Pen.
3 You can change any specific part of the words via the highlight button after you write by S Pen.
Samsung Notes, convert handwritten words to text, Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note10+, Galaxy Note 10+




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