Galaxy S8: What is Samsung DeX feature?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Samsung DeX is a service that allows you to use your smartphone like a computer by connecting the smartphone to an external display, such as a TV or a monitor. You can use your smartphone’s features on a large screen conveniently by connecting an external display, keyboard, and mouse.


To use Samsung DeX feature, DeX Station (sold separately), Charger (TA), HDMI cable and Monitor are must-have peripherals.


With the DeX Station, you can connect your smartphone to a TV or a monitor, using its features on a wider screen.


You can also connect with nearby devices, such as a keyboard or mouse. To activate DeX Station, charger is required.



DeX Station

ü  Multi-port dock for Samsung DeX feature

ü  Spec

1) 2 USB 2.0 ports (for wired keyboard / mouse)

2) 1 Ethernet

3) 1 HDMI Out

4) 1 USB type-C Power-in port for charging

5) Cooling Fan


1  1 


* Cooling fan prevents overheating of the device and the fan is designed with 360-degree coverage from the edge of the upper part towards the center






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