Galaxy TabPro S: How do I Restore the Data?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

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You can restore the system or to a backup point.


Restore the System


A. Restore to Factory Default


Restore the device to its factory default settings.

Before performing a factory data reset, please ensure that you have made backup copies of all important data stored on the device.


On the taskbar, tap Start > All apps > Samsung > Samsung Recovery




Factory image > Recover > Recover > OK






B. Restore to a Backup Point


Provided that you made backup copies with external storage, please select a backup point saved on an external storage device to restore the Tab Pro S to that point.


1. Connect the external storage device to your device





2. On the taskbar, tap Start > All apps > Samsung > Samsung Recovery




3. Tap Backup Management, select a backup image, and tap Recover

4. Tap Recover






The device will be restored to the point that you have selected.






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