How do I Connect Gear 360 to Google Street View App?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

On Samsung Gear 360


1. Press and hold the Menu key

2. Press the Menu key until Google Street View is selected

3. Press the OK key to select it






On Mobile Device


Download & Connect


1. Download Street View app (latest version) onto your mobile device

   (Go to Play store > search for Street view > Install the Google Street View app)



2. Tap Street View on the Apps screen


3. Open Wi-Fi searching screen to connect Gear 360 and Google Street View app via Wi-Fi

  Then, tap “Gear 360_(XX:XX).OSC


4. Enter OSC number that is displayed on camera status screen of Samsung Gear 360. Then, tap Connect






Street View App


1. Tap Street View on Apps screen

2. Tap the option that you want to use

     In this example, tap Link Spherical Camera

3. Tap Camera icon at the right bottom corner to take a photo

4. Tap Select



5. Select the photos that you want to upload and tap the upload icon






Please refer to the Google Street View app’s help menu for more information.






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