How do I take pictures by Slow motion mode on Galaxy S6/S6 edge (Hong-Kong version)?

Last Update date : Sep 25. 2020

To use Slow motion mode, follow the steps below:

1 Using Slow motion mode, Record a video for viewing it in slow motion. You can specify sections of your videos to be played in slow motion. To take picture by Slow motion mode, On the preview screen of rear camera, tap MODE.
2 Tap Slow motion.
3 Tap Recording button to start recording.
4 When you are finished recording, tap Stop button to stop.
5 To view or edit photos taken by Slow motion directly, on the preview screen, tap the preview thumbnail.
6 Tap Slow motion icon. The video will start playing with a randomly set slow motion section.
7 To edit the slow motion sections by your preference, tap pause to pause playback.
8 Drag the start bracket and the end bracket to the desired point to trim segments of a video.
9 Drag to select the area of the video to be played in slow motion.

To set a slow motion section more precisely, tap and hold up arrow, and then drag your finger to the left or right to move through the section frame by frame.

10 If you tap the slow motion section, you can use the following options:

• Speed : Change the playback speed of the selected section.
• Split : Divide the section into two parts.
• Delete : Delete the section.

11 If you have completed editing, tap EXPORT to save the video.

The above product description is only applicable to the “Camera” application version released in 2015 on Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and/or Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ in Hong Kong, and for reference only.
All images are for reference only.

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