How is the camera preview screen user interface on Galaxy S6/S6 edge?

Last Update date : Sep 25. 2020



The Camera preview screen is simplified and intuitive.

● On preview screen, there are settings, flash, timer, HDR on/off, effect option
● The Camera preview screen is simplified and intuitive
● Camera settings is changed to general menu type




On the preview screen, swipe to the right to access the list of shooting modes. Or, swipe to the left to view photos and videos you have captured. The preview screen may vary depending on the shooting mode and which camera is being used.





On preview screen, you can use settings, flash, timer, HDR on/off, effect option.
•  On Setting, you can set a necessary various option on using the camera. 



•  And, you can activate or deactivate the FLASH.
•  Through TIMER, you can select the length of the delay before the camera automatically takes a photo.
•  By using HDR option, you can take photos with rich colors and reproduce details even in bright and dark areas.

To activate or deactivate HDR mode, tap HDR until you reach the desired option.
•  By using EFFECT option,  you can directly check a filter effect to use when taking photos or recording videos on preview mode.




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