In-Screen Speaker & Pop-up Camera in Galaxy A80

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020
In-Screen Speaker in Galaxy A80

Galaxy A80 has applied the in-screen speaker located inside of the screen and so you may feel a slight vibration if you set the volume high during a call. Device uses the Sound on Display feature to emit and transmit sound through vibrations of vibrating elements inside the screen.

Accordingly, it is a normal phenomenon caused by vibrations through screen to feel vibrations when you set the volume high.

Adjust the volume to the moderate level required for the call and keep your ear close to the in-screen speaker area to hear the other caller’s voice better during a call.

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The sound is transmitted through the In-Screen speaker shown above, located at 30 mm from center of the top of A80 display screen.

To hear the other caller’s voice better during a call, keep your ear close to the in-screen speaker area during calls.

Pop-up Camera in Galaxy A80

Galaxy A80 device allows the pop-up camera lenses to slide up and down and rotate by camera motor.

The rotating construction gives users an amazing camera experience from both the rear and front sides.

When pop-up camera is slide down state, camera motor for rotation does not operate and at that time pop-up camera may be tilted slightly by a component related to this motor. However it is not a device defect and it does not affect the performance and lifespan of the device.

All Samsung smartphones undergo rigorous internal inspection test, and are always being controlled under Samsung’s high level of quality standards internally.

How to Use Pop-up Camera of Galaxy A80 Properly?

If Galaxy A80 device does not have enough space for the pop-up camera to rotate when you receive a video call for whatever video call application you’re using, i.e. placed on the table/flat floor or placed in a bag, the pop-up camera will not rotate properly and sometimes may not be slid up. It’s normal operation.

If the camera is slid up but not rotated even though the video call is connected normally, please tap the ‘Switch camera icon’ on the video screen. If the camera does not slide up even though the video call is connected normally, please tap the ‘camera icon’ on the video screen. Then, the camera will rotate properly for the video call and you can maintain the video call normally.

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