Super Slow Motion FAQ of Camera App on Galaxy S9/S9+

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2020
Why Angle of View in Super Slow-Mo is changed like Zoom In?

The super slow motion feature of your Galaxy S9/S9+ device allows you to record fast moving scenes with 960 frames per second for 0.2 seconds. In order to process the image at such a high speed, the central part of the camera sensor is mainly used.
Thus the angle of view seems to have been zoomed about 1.6 times

Flicker of Light Source

Playback Video Captured in Super Slow-mo, Why screen flickers and black lines appear?

This is a normal phenomenon related to flicker of light source that occurs when the light source taking the form of a flashing frequency of the fluorescent lamp to the camera. Flicker phenomenon can mainly be generated at a shutter speed of 1/120 or higher and it occurs in the characteristics of the CMOS sensor.

This is normal operation which can happen on all cameras with CMOS sensor and it’s caused by CMOS sensor’s original specification. We recommend using Super Slow-motion under LED lighting to reduce this phenomenon.

Playback Video Captured in Super Slow-mo, streaks Appear and Line’s Bandwidth Varies. Why?

Streaks on Super slow motion video are caused by flicker of light source. As Super slow motion use very fast shutter speed, a flash of light that is invisible to the human eyes is recorded by the camera and it appears as a line to the camera (CMOS) sensor. When using Super slow motion under a flash light source, lines appear differently according to the shooting direction of the camera. For example, when you place the phone vertically, the flashing lines appear vertically.

In case of bandwidth of line, it is influenced by the flicker frequency of the light source. Usual light source flashes at 120Hz and there are various light sources with different frequency. In this case, bandwidth of streaks are shown differently.

Record in Dark

When I recorded in Super slow motion in a dark place, Recorded video is noisy. Why?

Super slow motion captures 960fps frames per second. It means Super Slow motion use very fast shutter speed. In comparison with normal video, Super slow motion use short exposure time and high sensitivity in the same illumination. Thus please record a Super slow motion video in a place that has sufficient light.

Why Video quality of Super slow-mo is worse than Demo video in sales shop or TV ad?

The video quality of smartphone may vary depending on the each user’s environment such as the light source and photographing angle and so on, although you selected the same shooting mode. Especially in Super slow motion mode, you can easily notice that video quality is poor when you take shooting of object around low-light conditions. As Super slow motion use very fast shutter speed to capture 960fps frames per second, we recommend using this feature in a place that has sufficient light.

To enhance user satisfaction while using Super slow motion on Galaxy S9/S9+, Samsung will add user guide as help pop-up when you choose Super slow motion and toast notification will be shown if subject is under the low-light condition.

As this improvement will be available with upcoming software update, please check regularly for updates to your device software via the Smart Switch PC or FOTA (Firmware Over The Air). Samsung always encourages users to keep software and apps updated to the latest version.

Samsung Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd. is not obligatory for charges, losses and/or changes due to application update and/or firmware update of Samsung devices, including but not limited to additional mobile data and/or charges, loss of application log/history and/or operational changes of Samsung devices after installing the update.

While playback a Super slow motion video, video quality is poor and dark. Why?

Super slow motion captures 960 frames per second so it needs sufficient light to show clear video compared to normal video at 30fps and slow motion video at 240fps. If you record a super slow motion video in dark areas, then noise may occur. Thus we recommend using this feature in a place that has sufficient light.

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