QLED TV: Accurate Colours

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

One of the features that QLED TVs has to offer is the Colour Accuracy. Samsung QLED TV has a vibrant and an amazing display of colours and this is achieved through the Quantum Dot technology. As a result of this technology the QLED televisions are able to produce 100% Colour Volume and over a Billion colours.





A Quantum Dot can be defined as a crystal, like a diamond, that turns light into colour.


100% Colour Volume: This delivers clean and undistorted colours with smooth shading


10 Bit Colour Display: QLED Televisions have the capability to produce over a billion colours

A normal 8 bit Television set has a Standard 8 bit 256 (Red) x 256 (Green) x 256 (Blue) = 16.7 Million Colours

Whereas QLED Television can produce 1024 (Red) x 1024 (Green) x 1024 (Blue) = Over 1 Billion Colours





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