Gaming Tips & Features - Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+ & S22 5G

The S22 series brings new features and an elegant, streamlined look, but what does it offer for gaming? With the new Exynos 2200 processor, 8 to 12 GB of memory, and an adaptive refresh rate, the S22 series provides the ultimate gaming experience. Read on to find out some of the key features and comparisons that make the S22 series great gaming phones and how to maximise your gaming experience.

The S22 series is powered by a new 4nm processor, the fastest ever in the Galaxy series. With this comes 8 to 12GB of memory and 128/256/512 GB of storage, depending on the model. The Exynos processor provides high end graphics and visuals such as ray tracing, which creates more natural and realistic lighting across the phones display. This is combined with variable rate shading, which adds to a more stable and realistic gaming experience.

Exynos 2200 uses an integrated modem, meaning you can use 5G, 4G and legacy networks. This supports download speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, providing the S22 series with a fast, stable connection. This makes the S22 perfect for cloud gaming; whether streaming over wi-fi or through a 5G connection, you'll always have access to the games you love. 

A 120Hz refresh rate that can automatically adapt based on the content you are viewing provides reduced lag time and smoother game play. This means that whenever and whatever you’re playing, your S22 series device won’t let you down at those key moments in the game. Not only does this provide an improved game experience, but it also means an extended battery life, meaning the new S22 series will take you further than the S21 ever could.

We would like to clarify any confusion relating to the display refresh rate for Galaxy S22 and S22+. While the display component of both devices support between 48 to 120Hz, Samsung's proprietary technology offers adjustable display refresh rates, where data transfer rates from AP to display can be minimised to as low as 10 Hz in order to save power consumption.

The display refresh rate was originally listed between 10 and 120 Hz (10 to 120 frames per second), and we later opted to update how we communicate this specification in order to be in line with the more widely-recognised industry standard. It can be assured there has been no change of hardware specifications, and both devices support up to 120Hz for super smooth scrolling.

Galaxy gaming features

The Game Booster function is here to help maximise your Gaming experience, cutting out distractions so you can focus on your game. Game Booster works by monitoring how your game runs on your device using metrics such as your usage, device temperature, and available memory and adjusts your settings to make sure your phone is able to maximise its operating efficiency, saving on power and increasing game speed.

To access the Game Booster settings:

1 Open the Game Launcher app
2 Tap More
3 Tap Game Booster

From here you can adjust your Game Booster settings.


To activate Game Booster in-game:

1 While playing a game, swipe up if in portrait mode or swipe left if in landscape mode
2 Tap the Game Booster icon
3 Tap Start

Game Booster will activate and you will be returned to your game.


For more information on how to use the full features of Game Booster, read our FAQ on what Game Booster is and how to use it.

The refresh rate is the number of times a display updates its image every second.  A high refresh rate means that changes on a display are smoother and more responsive. This is especially useful while gaming, where every movement can have a big impact on game performance. 

Please note: A high refresh rate requires more power from the battery, meaning you phone will need to be charged more often.

There are two ways of adjusting your refresh rate, through the phone display settings, or through the Game Launcher app.


Adjusting the refresh rate through the Game Launcher app:

1 Open the Game Launcher app
2 Tap Game performance
3 Choose between Focus on performance, Balanced and Focus on power saving
  • Focus on performance features a high refresh rate
  • Balanced manages performance and battery life 
  • Focus on power saving features a reduced refresh rate

To adjust the refresh rate in the settings:

1 Open the Settings app
2 Tap Display
3 Tap Motion smoothness
4 Tap Adaptive for a higher refresh rate, or Standard for 60Hz
5 Tap Apply

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