How to use the glove touch display

How to use the glove touch display

Wearing gloves can make it difficult to use a touchscreen device. However, Galaxy rugged devices are specially designed with enhanced touchscreen sensitivity so you can use them on the job while wearing a wide variety of glove types, including plastic gloves worn by healthcare professionals, utility gloves used for protection on construction sites and padded gloves worn by logistics and transportation workers. Activating touch sensitivity makes it faster and more accurate to send messages or enter data while on the go.

1 Swipe up to access your apps, then tap "Settings".

Alternatively, you can swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the Quick Panel, then tap the Settings icon.

Settings icon
2 Tap "Display".
Display is selected in the Settings menu on the Galaxy XCover Pro
3 Scroll down, then tap the switch next to "Touch sensitivity".
The switch next to Touch Sensitivity is activated

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