What is Smart TV?

What is
Smart TV?

A mother and daughter sitting on a blue rug with white patterns in front of a Samsung Smart TV. They are looking at the various apps installed on a Smart TV.

What do you get access to?

Only the No. 1 Smart TV brand* can get you access to great entertainment from Apple TV, BT Sport and NOW TV, without the need to plug in additional boxes or streaming sticks. Only Samsung gives you access to the largest collection of 4K content including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Rakuten TV, and all the catch up apps you expect, all in one place at the touch of a button.**

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*Samsung TV has been the No.1 selling TV Brand for 13 consecutive years by HIS Markit *

What does Smart TV mean?

Many people look around the web for the definition of Smart TV. And while different sites may give different opinions, the consensus is that a Smart TV has internet connectivity, runs on an operating system and comes with its own app service.

In short, TV + internet + apps = Smart TV.

A computer rendering showing what a Smart TV is. A TV with an internet icon to the left and Apps icon to the right move to the center of the TV screen, combine and the term "Smart TV" appears showing that a Smart TV is a TV with internet and apps.

Five tips for buying a Smart TV

A checklist with checked boxes for buying a Smart TV. The boxes checked off are: various content, quick search, recommended content, convenient usability and easy connectivity.

Various Content

The biggest value of a Smart TV is the ability to enjoy content beyond regular TV channels. A Smart TV provides your favorite VOD services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube plus music streaming services like Spotify and even various games and sports content to enjoy as you please. Even paid cable and satellite broadcasting are available to watch on Smart TVs - you just need to install the app that cable or satellite broadcasting company provides.

* An internet connection and subscription for content service is required.
A Smart TV displaying a computer animated dragon on the ruins of a castle. Behind the Smart TV, many other screens are displayed with different images to represent the other various available content from different Smart TV Apps.

Quick Search

No matter how much content there is, the important thing is being able to find it right away. With the endless amount of content available online, choosing what to watch is no easy task. That's why having a convenient search function is important.

A Smart TV is displaying videos users can enjoy through various video streaming services.
A Smart TV displaying and scrolling through available content from different streaming services. The content is shown in categories of what to watch, what's new and recommended videos to show how a user can quickly search and find desired content.

Recommended Content

Another important point is whether a Smart TV suggests the content you like before you even start searching. Wouldn't it be nice if a TV used your viewing and search patterns to find just the right content or let you know when a new season has started for the shows you like? The ideal Smart TV is one that knows you better than you know yourself and can provide services that match you based on your viewing data.

A summary of "This is us" and its current running time is displayed on a Smart TV. Other various TV content is also shown around the summary to demonstrate recommended video content suggested by the Universal Guide.

Convenient Usability

A great Smart TV should automatically detect any device you connect via HDMI and eliminate the need to use several remote controls. Gone are the days of frantically searching for your remote controls. With just the TV remote, you should even be able to play/pause content streaming from your set-top box.

Another feature that is gaining popularity is voice recognition. It’s a lot more convenient than typing or using motion sensors to control your Smart TV. It comes in handy when you search for content or information.

A woman sitting on a white couch in a brightly lit living room watching a concert video on a wall mounted Smart TV. The woman activates the voice assistant by saying "Turn down the volume" into the Smart TV remote she's holding.

Easy Connectivity

Checking to see if a Smart TV can easily connect to other devices is another important requirement when choosing a new Smart TV. Connecting your smartphone to your TV to view content on a bigger screen is something you will definitely want to experience. Pictures and videos from your phone feel totally different when you see them on a big screen.

IoT is gaining widespread popularity, so naturally, easy connectivity with various internet-enabled devices around the home is becoming a requirement. You can watch a movie on your phone on the way home from work and effortlessly continue watching it on your TV screen as soon as you get home.

A mostly white open concept family room, kitchen and dining room containing various smart home devices such as a Smart TV, smart lamp and refrigerator located throughout the home demonstrating easy connectivity.

Beyond TV channels.
A world of content
awaits you.

A wall of various content  of what you can watch on a Smart TV is shown in the background of a black translucent foreground. In the center is white text stating "Beyond TV channels. A world of content awaits you."

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