Samsung Referral Program

Terms & Conditions

  • Samsung Referral Program (“Program”) is provided by Samsung India Electronics Private Limited (“Samsung”) at its sole discretion. This Program is valid Pan India except in the States where prohibited by law.
  • Validity period for the Program will be from 25th February, 2020 onwards for a period as decided by Samsung from time to time.
  • This Program is valid for Indian residents who have attained the age of 18 years or above except for Samsung employees or other corporate employees making purchases under the Samsung Employee Purchase Program.
  • Under the Samsung Referral Program, participant(s) may refer their friends or family to earn benefits. These benefits can be in the form of Samsung vouchers, free gifts or offers from Samsung partners. Refer Annexure A for current list of benefits and the same will be updated from time to time.
  • The participant referring under this Program will be called as “Referrer” and the referred person will be called as “Beneficiary”.
  • Participation Criteria: Upon fulfillment of either of the below mentioned conditions the participant may start referring others-

    S. No.

    Condition Precedent

    Eligible for Referring


    Must be a Samsung Smartphone user

    Immediately from the date
    of launch of the Program


    Purchase(s) Samsung Smartphone via
    Samsung Shop (i.e. Samsung E-Store) during Program validity period

    Upon completion of


    Purchases a Samsung Smartphone from
    offline stores or other online portals and activates the device during the Program validity period

    Upon completion of device

  • Every Referrer will get a unique code which he/she can share with his/her friend or family, who in this case will be called as the Beneficiary.
  • The Beneficiaries will be eligible to receive incentives, in the form of discounts on the product value, free gifts with their purchases or other promotions as described in Annexure A (refer clauses below).
  • Referrer may pass on his/her unique code to as many Beneficiaries, however, the benefit can be availed by only first three (3N) Beneficiaries who redeem that referral code. Referrer can avail only three (3N) benefits in one year under this Program. Referrers cannot redeem their own referral codes.
  • The Referral code can be redeemed by the Beneficiaries on purchase of any of the Samsung Smartphone as listed in Annexure A, from Samsung Shop (i.e. Samsung E-store) or Samsung Shop App.
  • Beneficiaries may receive the discount on up to three (3N) products in a calendar year.
  • Referrer will be eligible to receive their benefits on his/her registered email id or mobile number approximately twenty one (21N) days after the Beneficiary receives their discounted product. So long as the Beneficiary does not return the product purchased.
  • In case the Beneficiary returns the product for any reasons whatsoever, the Referrer will not be eligible to receive the benefit against that purchase. However, he may be eligible for the same on the next such purchase done by another Beneficiary using his/her referral code.
  • Referrer may redeem the Samsung e-store voucher on Samsung Shop as per the terms and conditions mentioned therein.
  • Samsung reserves the right to reverse any accumulated rewards believed to be earned through suspicious activity.
  • Samsung reserves the right to substitute, change, cancel or add to any part of these Terms at any time, including terminating the Program or modifying these Terms. Samsung reserves the right to decline or cancel your participation in the Program, with or without advance notice, if we believe that your participation is enabling a fraudulent or illegal purpose.
  • Any and all information shared by the Referrer or Beneficiary under this Program shall be subject to the Privacy Policy of Samsung available at


Eligible mobile phones for Beneficiary purchase highlighted below. All variants of the below mentioned mobiles are included in this Program.

Eligible Models

Beneficiary Discount

Referrer Incentive

Z Fold3 | Z Flip3 | S21 | S21+ | S21 Ultra, S20 | S20 Ultra, Note20 | 20 Ultra, Note 10 | 10+, S10 | S10+

5% Discount

eStore voucher worth ₹1500

Tab S7, S7+, Tab S6

5% Discount (No Cost EMI not applicable)

eStore voucher worth ₹1500

Buds Live, Buds Pro, Note10 Lite, Watch3, Watch Active2, S20 FE, A71, A51, A32, Tab S6, Tab A10.1, Tab S6 Lite, A72, A52, Buds+

5% Discount

eStore voucher worth ₹750

S10 Lite, Tab A7

5% Discount (No Cost EMI not applicable)

eStore voucher worth ₹750

M31s (8GB), M51, M12, F62, A32

5% Discount

eStore voucher worth ₹500

Galaxy M31, M31 Prime, Galaxy F41

₹500 Discount (No Cost EMI not applicable)

eStore voucher worth ₹500

  • Beneficiary discounts and Referrer vouchers listed above can be clubbed with other offers on unless specifically excluded in those respective offers. In case of exchange, the beneficiary discount will be applicable on the final cart value of the device post deducting the exchange value of the old device. However, these discounts cannot be clubbed with other promo codes.
  • The validity of these e-Store vouchers will be three (03) months from the date of issue.
  • The e-Store vouchers have to be redeemed in a single transaction, and cannot be broken over multiple transactions. SIEL is not liable to refund the outstanding value to the referrer in case the value of purchase is less than the value of the voucher during redemption.
  • Referrer can receive benefits for first three (3N) successful beneficiaries (referrals, who complete successful transaction on eligible products, without sales return) and these benefits cannot be clubbed with each other for redemption.
  • Referrer rewards are linked to their mobile numbers and non-transferable, and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Beneficiaries can make up to three (3N) purchases via the referral Program.