What is 3 way burn in protection?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Screen burn in is a major issue with monitors ,which makes the screen looks a little dull in longer run. Samsung supports 3 way burn in protection to stop screen burn in which occurs mainly in CRT and plasmas but less prevalent in LCD or LED's. Samsung monitors operates selected anti-burn PGM during selected operation time per selected each period.



(Representation of screen burn in)


● Signal pattern process : It moves black and silver strips from right to left on the screen.

● All white : It refreshes cell and will change screen to all white.

● Auto pixel shift : It shifts 3 or 4 pixels according to this order, right, top, left, bottom. The user can't see the movement since it involves only a few pixels. User can choose the number of pixels and moving period in OSD Menu. This feature is available in selected models only. Kindly refer to your user manual of your monitor for further information on its usage.

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