Precautions to be taken while Cleaning your Samsung Refrigerator.

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Regular Cleaning of your Samsung Refrigerator  is required to increase the overall efficiency of the appliance . It helps in keeping your food fresh inside the Refrigerator. Following are some of the tips that you must follow while cleaning your Samsung Refrigerator.



● Do not use Benzene, Thinner or Clorox for cleaning. They may damage the surface of the appliance and can create a risk of fire.

● Do not spray the refrigerator with water while it is plugged in, as it may cause an electric shock.

● Do not clean the refrigerator with thinner or car detergent for risk of fire.

● Unplug the power cord of the refrigerator before you start cleaning your Refrigerator.

● Slightly dampen a soft lint-free cloth or paper towel with water and then you use it on the Refrigerator.

● Do not use any kind of detergent to clean  the refrigerator because that can discolor or damage the refrigerator. 

● Wipe the inside and outside of refrigerator until it is clean and dry.

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