What are the Safety Standards of Microwave Cooking?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020



Safety Standards :


It is extremely safe, since the microwaves that cook the food are non-ionizing, which means that they do not cause harmful changes in molecules.


They only create heat, which has no more effect on the body than normal heat. What is more, the door is carefully designed so as to confine the microwave power in the oven cavity.


As per ISI standard two switches have been provided to prevent the magnetron power supply to be switched on until the door is completely closed.


In addition a latch is provide to secure the oven door. The oven is also provided with two independent thermal cut off switches to cut of power supply to the magnetron if the cavity temperature goes beyond the determined temperature, and the magnetron exceeds the specified temperature limit.


● Even children above 5 years can use a microwave oven. Since the oven doesn't get heated, there is no danger of getting burnt or scalded. Also, emission of microwaves is stopped the moment the door is opened. Hence, microwave ovens are perfectly safe for children to operate. 

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