What is Silver Nano Health System in Samsung Refrigerators?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

Samsung's latest range of refrigerators incorporates a revolutionary new technology called Silver Nano Health System. Silver has been known for ages to possess natural anti-bacterial properties. Utilizing this property of silver, Samsung creates an amazing new way to preserve food.





Some of the striking features of Silver Nano Technology are:


  • Ag+ ions generated from the coating act as a shield against growth of bacterial and other microbial organisms.


  • These ions, due to their inherent anti - bacterial properties, destroy the bacteria and prevent further reproduction, leading to effective protection , of food inside the refrigerator.


  • What's more, SilverNano technology has strong Sterilizing and Deodorizing properties which prevent propagation of fungi and bacteria inside refrigerators, helping you enjoy the freshest and cleanest air.




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