How to delete the registered Iris in Galaxy Note8?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

The Iris recognition feature uses the unique characteristics of your irises, such as their shape and pattern, to strengthen the security of your device. Your iris data can be used for various authentication purposes. After registering your irises, you can set the device to use your irises for the following features such as Screen lock, Web sign-in, Verify Samsung account, Secure Folder, Samsung Pay (This feature may not be available depending on the region or service provider).  


Navigate to Settings → Lock screen and security → Iris scanner → Screen lock → Remove Iris data → REMOVE 


Pictorial representation of the above settings are as follows :  


1. On the Settings screen, tap Lock screen and security.


.     . 

2. Tap the Iris Scanner.



3. Unlock the screen using the preset screen lock method.



4. Tap Remove iris data. Once the registered irises are deleted, all the related features will also be deactivated.



5. Tap REMOVE.




CLICK HERE for Iris recognition on lock screen in Galaxy Note8 (SM-N950FD).     

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