How to use Flash while taking the Selfie in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge(SM-G935FD)?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

Your device features both front and rear facing cameras, which let you capture photos and videos in a variety of modes. When using the front-facing camera in poor lighting, touch the Flash icon to cycle through the available flash options and enable Flash. When you take the selfie, the screen will turn bright white to mimic a flash.  


Navigate to Apps  Camera  Switch Camera  Enable Flash  Capture  


Pictorial representation to enable flash are as follows:


a). Tap on Apps icon from the Home screen.




b). Tap on Camera icon.




c). Tap on the Camera switch icon to switch to the front camera for self-portraits.




d). Tap on the Flash icon repeatedly until it shows On.




e). Tap on the Camera icon to take a picture.




NOTE: When you take a photo, the touchscreen will only flash. No Flashlight will be there.


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