Taking pic via front camera in s7 edge,the image on screen side looks distorted.Help me?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

No, your device is not faulty. The front camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge uses Wide-angle lens. This is very useful and convenient because it’s suitable for taking wide-angle photos when using the Camera close to the Subject (e.g. when taking a picture of yourself). Minor image distortion may occur in wide-angle photos especially at the edges of the preview screen due to the properties of the lens used to take a wider screen image. It does not affect device performance problems.




You can enable Shape correction option to correct your face shape. Shape correction option corrects your face distorted at the edges dynamically according to angles and distance from centre. You can set the option on Beauty effects.


NOTE: The background may appear slightly distorted since the correction algorithm is applied to overall image after using shape correction. If you do not want this, please use after deactivating the Shape correction.

Thank you for your feedback!