What are different strategies from a design standpoint and how do they differ from Note?

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020

Differentiation strategies compared to the existing Note series (following the S8’s design).


1. Use of Infinity Display

- A display that offers a new level of usability with an extended ratio (18.5:9)


2. Hidden Technology

- Minimized front elements to help users focus more on the display content. 

a). A simple, black design on the front side.

b). The physical home key removed.

c). No protruding camera. 

d). Simple top receiver decorations.


3. A harmonious and unified design with a seamless glass finish

- The combination of new gloss-finished metal and liquid glass wraps around the materials, creating a unified look and giving more depth.




● Differentiation strategies compared to the S8+

- A professional, solid looking exterior (square design)

- The best large screen experience with a large 6.3” large screen and Steep edge


NOTE: Ensures a secure grip around the device with the slim width and symmetric edge.


CLICK HERE to know to add shortcut to Home screen or delete shortcut on NOTE8 (SM-N950). 

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