What is Accessibility shortcut to the device Menu in Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo(GT-I9060)?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020


There are several option that you can find under Accessibility menu in Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo ( GT-I9060 ). It improves accessibility for users have impaired vision, hearing, or reduced dexterity. One of which is an option called Talkback. Enabling this option will set the phone to provide you a spoken feedback for whatever you do with the phone. With the Android Jelly Bean, enable Talkback mode and face detection shot mode will allow you to use easy snap feature when taking a picture.  




Usually, you can access the accessibility menu through the Settings menu. But, you can add the accessibility shortcut under device option for faster access. You can do so by enabling Accessibility shortcut option.


When this feature is enabled, you can quickly enable accessibility features in 2 steps : 

● You can press and hold the power key until you hear a sound or feel a vibration.
● You can tap and hold with two fingers until you hear audio confirmation.


NOTE : If the device has multiple users, using this shortcut on lock screen temporarily enables accessibility until the device is unlocked.


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