QLED 2018: Q Style

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Only Samsung offers a screen that is more than just a TV. We removed the spaghetti of messy cables and replaced them with one Near-Invisible Cable. We even replaced the black screen with images and content to enhance your living space.

One Near-Invisible cable

Connect all devices to the QLED TV with one cable that's nearly invisible and gain more space.


A single, near-invisible cable, helps to remove clutter of wires. One Connect box hides all devices. Your TV looks like a piece of art.

No Gap Wall-Mount

No gap between the wall and TV. It is also quick and easy to install. Effortlessly upgrade the beauty of your living space.

Ambient Mode

Your TV is a black box when you are not watching anything. Ambient mode lets you utitize the screen. You can use it to display
beautiful images (in-built + personal), display weather or clock.

Boundless 360° Design

Four bezel-less sides, sleek body design and clean back ensure TV looks beautiful from any angle.


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