Why Samsung TV settings changes automatically?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Note: This help content is only applicable to the product purchased from Indian retailers. If you require help for the products purchased from US, Kindly visit Samsung US support section and for other countries, kindly contact your local Samsung Subsidiary.


If there is an issue related to sudden change in Picture or Sound settings. You need to check the usage mode of your Samsung TV. Your TV might be running in store demo or shop mode, where after every 30 minutes TV's picture and sound settings returns back to factory default settings.




It is recommended to select Home Use as your TV's usage mode. So that whenever you change your TV settings it remain saved with the TV. Even after you turn off or on the TV. If the problem still remains then reset the TV.


NOTE : Reset the TV after performing all self diagnose tests.


Exit Demo Mode


Store Demo mode is only intended for use in retail environments. If the unit is accidentally set to Store Demo mode, and you want to return to Home Use (Standard) mode, follow one of the combinations below :


Please Note: Settings for exiting Store Demo mode may vary depending on the model


Steps to exit Demo Mode without Remote:


  • Press the volume ("VOL") button. Once the volume on-screen display appears, press and hold MENU for 5 seconds.




  • Press and hold the VOL and MENU buttons together for 5 seconds.




  • Press the VOL button first, then hold VOL + MENU combination for 5 seconds again.




  • Push the "Tool" button, navigate to Shop Mode (Store Demo) and turn it off. 



Steps tp exit Demo Mode with Remote:


  • Press the Menu > System > Setup > Plug and Play > Enter Pin No. (Default is 0000) > Menu/OSD Language > Select Usage Mode (Select Home Use) > Area (Asia/Europe) > Enter Date & Time > Press Ok




•     Press the Menu > Support > Use Mode > Usage mode(Select Home Use)





•     Press the Menu > System > Expert Setting > Usage Mode (Select Home Use)




•     Press Home > Settings > General > System Manager > Usage Mode (Select Home mode)


If issue is not resolved after performing all the steps, please try to reset the TV.

CLICK HERE to know How to perform Factory Data Reset ?

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