Try this out
if your phone
charging properly!

Do you have any questions or issues related to charging your device?

Learn how to troubleshoot various charging errors.

First, check your

  • Select the battery icon in device care

    Go to ‘Battery and device care' in ‘Settings’

    and tap 'Battery'.

  • Select view more in the battery menu

    Tap ‘More battery settings’.

  • View charge type in battery settings

    You can check the status of 'Fast charging', 'Super fast charging',
    and 'Fast wireless charging' under the ‘Charging’
    category on the bottom.

※ Fast charging’, ‘Super fast charging’, and ‘Fast wireless charging’ should require a charger, cable, and accessories that support the function.

※ Wireless charging is only supported in certain Galaxy models,
and wireless charging pads are sold separately.

※ In some Galaxy models, 'fast wireless charging' is supported, which is faster than 'wireless charging'.

※ Charging options may vary depending on Galaxy model.

Having trouble

Try this!

  • Is your phone charging slowly or not charging at all?
    • Take a break and let your smartphone
      rest while charging.

      Browsing the web, watching videos and playing games while your phone is charging will lead to a slower charging rate in order to prevent overheating.

      In particular, if multiple apps are running simultaneously or if you run apps that require a connection to a network or other devices, battery consumption may be higher than the charging rate.

    • Check your settings if fast charging is
      not working properly.

      If fast charging is not working, check your settings to
      see whether the fast charging options are enabled or not.

      • 01. Go to ‘Battery and device care' in ‘Settings’ and tap 'Battery'.
      • 02. Tap ‘More battery settings’.
      • 03. Check the status of ‘Fast charging’, ‘Super fast charging’, and ‘Fast wireless charging’ under the Charging category at the bottom.

      ※ You cannot fast charge your phone using a regular charger.

      ※ If fast wireless charging is not working, check your settings as listed above and make sure you are using a fast charger.

    • Charge at room temperature.

      If the temperature of your device or the environment is too high or
      too low, the device’s safeguard may slow down the
      charging speed.
      We recommend charging your device at room temperature
      for fast, stable charging.

    • Use an authentic Samsung charging cable and plug.

      If you are charging with a USB cable connected to a computer, the voltage will be less than that of an authentic Samsung charger, resulting in a slow charge.

      For the best results, we recommend using an authentic Samsung charger.

    • Check for foreign objects or moisture.
      • If there is a foreign object stuck inside the USB port
        or the cable, the device’s safeguard may shut off
        charging for its protection.

        With a soft brush, remove the foreign object and try
        charging again.
      • For wireless charging, if there is a foreign object
        located between the device and the charger,
        the charging may be slowed.

        Remove the foreign object and try charging again.
      • If there is any moisture detected inside the USB port
        or the cable, the device’s safeguard will notify you
        that moisture is detected and will shut off charging.

        Try again after the moisture is removed.

      ※ If moisture is detected (water drop icon), unplug the
      charger from your device.
      Charging with moisture
      can lead to USB port corrosion and damage to the
      If the USB port corrodes, visit your nearest
      service centre for device repair.

    • Check the cable connection.

      Charging may be slowed if the cable is not properly connected to the device or charger, if the connector pin is altered due to long periods of use, or if the surface is corroded due to foreign objects.

      If charging continues in this state, the device may be damaged or may overheat. We recommend visiting your local Samsung Support Centre for advice.

  • Phone won’t turn on after connecting the charger?
  • Is the phone overheating while charging?
    • Did it stop charging?

      Both the device and the charger can rise in temperature while charging.
      This is completely normal. If the temperature reaches beyond or below a certain level, charging may be shut off to protect the device.

    • Did you use the phone while charging?

      The device may overheat if you started charging
      without closing certain apps.
      If you think the device is overheating,
      close all
      running apps and unplug the charger. Resume
      charging once the device has cooled down.

    • Overheating near the USB port.

      If the USB cable or the device’s USB port is damaged,
      it may overheat.

      Replace it with a new, authentic cable or visit a Samsung Support Centre to have it repaired.

    • Device overheating while wireless
      • Check for any foreign metallic or magnetic objects
        located between the device and the charger, remove
        the object and separate the device from the charger.

        Resume charging once the device has cooled down.
      • Charging while a device is inside a case may cause overheating. Resume charging after removing the case.
    • Charging in a hot temperature

      If charged in a hot environment, such as inside a car on a hot summer day, charging may stop to protect the device.

      Try charging in a cooler environment.

* Images shown are for illustration purposes only.

** UI may be different depending on the device model, country
or mobile operators.