Battery charging and tips for the Tab S4

Last Update Date : Dec 17. 2018
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Ensure to charge the battery before using the device for the first time or when it has been unused for extended periods. 

The Galaxy Tab S4 has a larger battery capacity of 7,300mAh. To bring the device to a full charge this can take around 200 minutes with fast charging. 

Please note: 

  • Use only Samsung-approved chargers, batteries, and cables. Unapproved chargers or  cables can cause the battery to explode or damage the device.
  • Connecting the charger improperly may cause serious damage to the device. Any damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty.
  • Use only USB Type-C cable supplied with the device or POGO charging dock which is sold separately. The device may be damaged if you use a Micro USB cable.
  • Charging time may vary depending on environment and charging device.

Charging the battery

1 Connect the USB cable to the USB power adaptor.
2 Plug the USB cable into the device’s multipurpose jack.
Charging the battery on Tab S4
3 Plug the USB power adaptor into an electric socket.
4 After fully charging, disconnect the charger from the device. Then, unplug the charger from the electric socket.

Please note: To save energy, unplug the charger when not in use. The charger does not have a power switch, so you must unplug the charger from the electric socket when not in use to avoid wasting power. The charger should remain close to the electric socket and easily accessible while charging.

Fast charging

The device has a built-in fast charging feature. You can charge the battery more quickly while the device or its screen is turned off.

To increase the charging speed, turn the device or its screen off when you charge the battery. While charging the battery when the device is turned off, the lightning icon appears on the screen. If the fast charging feature is not activated, launch the Settings app, tap Device maintenance Battery → tap the three dots on the top right hand corner → Advanced settings, and then tap the Fast cable charging switch to activate it.

Please note: 

  •  You cannot use the built-in fast charging feature when you charge the battery using a standard battery charger.
  • If the device heats up or the ambient air temperature rises, the charging speed may decrease automatically. This is a normal operating condition to prevent damage to the device.

Power saving options

Your device provides various options that help you conserve battery power.

• Optimise the device using the device maintenance feature.
• When you are not using the device, turn off the screen by pressing the Power key.
• Activate power saving mode.
• Close unnecessary apps.
• Deactivate the Bluetooth feature when not in use.
• Deactivate the Wi-Fi feature when not in use.
• Deactivate auto-syncing of apps that need to be synced.
• Decrease the backlight time.
• Decrease the screen brightness.

Battery charging tips and precautions

• When the battery power is low, the battery icon appears empty.
• If the battery is completely discharged, the device cannot be turned on immediately
when the charger is connected. Allow a depleted battery to charge for a few minutes
before turning on the device.
• If you use multiple apps at once, network apps, or apps that need a connection to
another device, the battery will drain quickly. To avoid losing power during a data
transfer, always use these apps after fully charging the battery.
• Using a power source other than the charger, such as a computer, may result in a slower
charging speed due to a lower electric current.
• The device can be used while it is charging, but it may take longer to fully charge the
• If the device receives an unstable power supply while charging, the touchscreen may not
function. If this happens, unplug the charger from the device.
• While charging, the device and the charger may heat up. This is normal and should not
affect the device’s lifespan or performance. If the battery gets hotter than usual, the
charger may stop charging.
• If you charge the device while the multipurpose jack is wet, the device may be damaged.
Thoroughly dry the multipurpose jack before charging the device.
• If the device is not charging properly, take the device and the charger to a Samsung
Service Centre.

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