Wilhelm scream remastered
Wilhelm scream remastered

Famous film scream that has now been optimized for today’s sound systems

The Wilhelm Scream is one of the most loved sound effects in all of the film-world. It’s a cult. Today, you can hear the Wilhelm Scream in more than 400+ films and countless series. It’s a sound designers favourite in-joke and often used as an easter egg. However, as the original scream was recorded in 1951, it’s not adapted for modern sound systems. It’s only adapted for old sound systems. So we remastered it. Making sure that it will continue to sound good in the sound systems we use today and in the future.

Download the new Wilhelm Remastered here, and enjoy one second of pure Hollywood brilliance in your next production.

Good film should have great sound.

The sound system that you have at home has evolved in a furious pace.
From mono to stereo, from regular surround to immersive 3D surround sound.

To show the importance of great sound when watching film at home, Samsung has remastered one of the most beloved sound effects of all time - The Wilhelm Scream. Preserving it so that it will continue to sound great in modern sound systems. The remaster is now adapted for the innovative technologies in the new Samsung Soundbar, such as Acoustic Beam (our version of 3D surround). Paired with an QLED, you’ll get an really immersive film experience, in the comfort of your own home. Read more about the technologies in the new Samsung Soundbar below!

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How has the Wilhelm Scream been remastered?

We’ve given the original sound effect a fuller and cleaner sound. For instance, we’ve removed background sounds that interfered, sharpened the frequencies and reduced the amount of distortion that was present in the original recording. We’ve also made the scream more full by placing it in a room with a ring - called a reverb.